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Who We Are

The European Women’s Association (EWA) is a dynamic Ecosystem of Global Business Support Organizations with head quarters in Brussels, operating internationally. We are dedicated to building business bridges for women around the world, fostering a supportive environment that empowers female entrepreneurs to thrive.

What We Do at EWA

  • Facilitate Networking Opportunities: Build meaningful connections with fellow female entrepreneurs and professionals in our monthly networking sessions.
  • Orchestrate Trade Missions: We organize trade missions that open doors to new markets and opportunities.
  • Investment Readiness Programs: Our programs prepare women entrepreneurs to attract and manage investments effectively.

Our Impact

EWA’s pivotal goal is to foster economic growth by connecting Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Through meaningful collaborations, we drive prosperity and create opportunities for women to excel in business.

With support from ambassadors, public institutions like the European Commission, Ministry of Economy UAE, and corporate partners across 15+ countries, EWA is a potent force for change, championing women’s economic empowerment.

EWA’s Mission

  • Support Women-Led Projects: Empowering their initiatives with access to resources and support.
  • Expert Coaching & Mentoring: Providing guidance from industry experts to elevate female businesses to the global stage.
  • Education & Knowledge Sharing: Offering online workshops and offline events to foster continuous learning.
  • Trusted Curated Business Network: Leveraging a powerful network to provide international business exposure and growth opportunities.


EWA’s Vision

Economic Empowering of women and contributing to a prosperous future of women and the next generation.

Membership Benefits

Elevate your career and business with our exclusive Membership, designed specifically for women in business. Join a thriving community of ambitious, driven female professionals and take advantage of unparalleled opportunities for growth, connection, and success.

1. Monthly Webinars: Gain invaluable insights and knowledge from industry experts through our monthly webinars. Stay ahead of trends, learn new strategies, and get inspired by leaders who have walked the path to success.

2. Monthly Networking Sessions: Build meaningful connections with fellow female entrepreneurs and professionals in our monthly networking sessions. Share experiences, collaborate on projects, and expand your professional network in a supportive environment.

3. Access to a Curated Network of Female Founders: Connect with a handpicked network of successful female founders. Exchange ideas, seek advice, and find potential partners and mentors who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of being a woman in business.

4. EWA Expert Speaking Opportunities Online: Showcase your expertise and grow your personal brand by speaking at our online events. Share your knowledge with a global audience and position yourself as a thought leader in your field.

5. Speaking Opportunities at International Conferences: Take your visibility to the next level with speaking opportunities at prestigious international conferences. Gain global recognition and make a lasting impact on diverse audiences.

6. Discounts on EWA Business Trips: Explore new markets and business opportunities with exclusive discounts on EWA-organized business trips. Travel with fellow members, gain firsthand insights into international markets, and expand your global footprint.

7. Personal Business Mentoring: Receive tailored guidance and support through personal business mentoring. Our experienced mentors will help you navigate challenges, set and achieve ambitious goals, and unlock your full potential.

Equip yourself with the resources, connections, and opportunities needed to excel and make a lasting impact in the business world. Together, we can shape a future where women-led enterprises flourish and drive global economic growth. Join us today and advance your professional journey.

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