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About European Women Association (EWA)

European Women's Association (EWA)

The European Women's Association focuses on creating opportunities for women worldwide, accessing new networks, knowledge and partnerships. 

We believe the empathic, holistic, collaborative nature of (female) leadership is of tremendous value in our world. With our mentors, our online accelerators and our monthly matchmaking sessions, we aim to inspire, connect and educate women, so that women can create a positive impact worldwide.

By creating a global platform of like-minded women we aim to build a strong and safe foundation for women-led projects and initiatives. 

Feel welcome in our safe environment of like-minded women. Get inspired and make a change.

EWA Ecosystem

We strongly believe in collaboration. So we have united professional women and over 35 professional European organizations on one platform.  Together we create a powerful global safe community to support women in the efforts to acquire Funding, Mentors and relevant Networks. 

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About us

Over the last decade, we have reached over 8500 women globally through our yearly International Conference in London, with our online startup accelerator FAB academy, our yearly Leadership retreats to Bali and monthly Matchmaking sessions.

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